Zanmu [w/ Rubber Coaster Limited Edition] (ADO)

Zanmu [w/ Rubber Coaster Limited Edition] (ADO)


Album Details

  • Artist: Ado
  • Album Title: Zanmu
  • Release Date: July 10, 2024
  • Genre: J-Pop
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Special Feature: Limited Edition with Rubber Coaster

Track List

  1. Nuke Sora
  2. Yukueshirezu
  4. Chocolate Katabra
  5. Kura Kura
  6. Atashi wa Mondaisaku
  7. Rebellion
  8. All Night Radio
  9. Himawari
  10. Eien no Akuru Hi
  11. MIRROR
  12. TBA
  13. Show
  14. Ibara
  15. Value
  16. 0

About the Album

Ado, the popular J-Pop singer, is back with her second album called Zanmu. This album has 16 songs, including some that many people already know and like. For example, “Kura Kura” was used in the TV show SPY x FAMILY Season 2, and “DIGNITY” is another well-known song.

Special Edition

This version of the album is special because it comes with a rubber coaster. Not all versions of the album have this, so it’s a nice extra for fans who want something unique.

Why You Might Like It

If you enjoy J-Pop or are looking for new music to listen to, Ado’s Zanmu could be a good choice. It has a mix of songs that are already popular and new ones that you might not have heard before. The album gives you a chance to hear more of Ado’s singing and the different types of songs she can perform.

Additional Information

  • The album is being released by EMI Music.
  • Some song titles are in Japanese, while others are in English.
  • The track list includes a song marked as “TBA,” which means the title hasn’t been announced yet.

This album could be a nice addition to your music collection if you’re a fan of Ado or want to explore more J-Pop music. Remember, music taste is personal, so give it a listen and see if you enjoy it!

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