Witch Spring R [Collector’s Edition] (Multi-Language) for Nintendo Switch

Get Witch Spring R [Collector’s Edition] (Multi-Language) for Nintendo Switch

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Witch Spring R [Collector's Edition] (Multi-Language) for Nintendo Switch


Compatible with: Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
Version: Japan
Region-Free: Works on all systems sold worldwide (a correct regional account may be required for online features).

Product Features

  • Train Pieberry: Develop her skills and make her more powerful through your choices.
  • Collect and Fuse Ingredients: Craft magical meals to enhance Pieberry’s magic abilities.
  • Upgrade Her Staff: Feed unneeded nutrients to Pieberry’s staff and customize its upgrades.
  • New Story Adventures: Explore a new narrative with witches, humans, and unique monsters.
  • Discover Hidden Secrets: Find magic tomes, recipes, and special items scattered throughout the world.
  • Train Pets: Different pets offer various types of assistance on your journey.
  • Customizable Battle Strategies: Choose and train your favorite magic attributes for battle.

Item Description

Witch Spring R is a captivating RPG that blends simulation, collecting, crafting, and battling elements. Step into the shoes of Pieberry, a white-haired, bunny-eared witch living in a monster-filled forest. Relive her childhood memories and embark on a quest to venture among humans. The adventure begins with your guidance, offering a world full of new experiences to explore with Pieberry.

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