Ultra Detail Figure No. 802 Kinnikuman Series 3: Kinnikuman Great

Ultra Detail Figure No. 802 Kinnikuman Series 3: Kinnikuman Great

Ultra Detail Figure No. 802 Kinnikuman Series 3: Kinnikuman Great

Product Information

Manufacturer: Medicom
Version: Japan
Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 108mm tall
Availability: Limited
Note: Actual product may differ from photos.


The “Kinnikuman” series has a special place in many fans’ hearts. Medicom has introduced these characters into their “UDF (Ultra Detail Figure)” lineup. The figures stand out with their dynamic poses and detailed designs. Kinnikuman Great is one of these figures, and it’s a great addition to any collection.

Key Details

  1. Dynamic Poses: Each figure is designed to capture the character’s unique and iconic movements.
  2. Detailed Sculpting: The attention to detail in the sculpting process ensures each figure looks like the character from the series.
  3. Compact Size: At 108mm, the figure is easy to display on shelves or desks without taking up too much space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the “Kinnikuman” series?

  • “Kinnikuman” is a popular Japanese manga and anime series about superhero wrestlers. The characters are known for their strength and unique moves.

2. What is the UDF lineup by Medicom?

  • UDF stands for Ultra Detail Figure. This lineup focuses on creating highly detailed and collectible figures from various popular series.

3. How big is the Kinnikuman Great figure?

  • The figure is approximately 108mm tall, making it a small but detailed collectible.

4. Will the figure look exactly like the photos?

  • The actual product may differ slightly from the photos due to manufacturing variations.

5. Is this figure limited in availability?

  • Yes, the Kinnikuman Great figure is released in limited quantities, so it’s a good idea to get one while they are still available.

Display Tips

  • Shelf Placement: Due to its small size, this figure fits well on narrow shelves.
  • Desk Decor: Add it to your desk for a touch of character without cluttering your workspace.
  • Collection Display: Group it with other figures from the UDF lineup for a themed display.

This figure from Medicom’s UDF series brings the world of “Kinnikuman” to life with its detailed design and dynamic pose. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to the series, this figure is a great piece to have.

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