Time Patrol Bon Collector’s Edition 1

On Sale Time Patrol Bon Collector's Edition 1

Item Description

The ultimate collector’s edition to enjoy the world of historical science fiction in a large format.
Fujiko F. Fujio’s life work “T.P. Bon”, is also a hot topic in the Netflix anime series. The new edition (5 volumes in total) is large-format, includes all color manuscripts, and has additional illustrations and materials. It
is also the ultimate collector’s edition with a codex binding that opens completely to the spine. This is the first B5 size for “T.P. Bon”, including other companies. With the same wide format as when it was published in magazines, you can enjoy the original information to the fullest, including the historical background and ancient buildings that the author was particular about, which are meticulously written.
With a soft cover that is easy to turn and easy to read + a codex binding that opens completely flat to the spine, you can enjoy the impressive “double-page spread cut screen” in every corner as a complete single picture.

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