The Works Of Taku Tashiro Vol.1

The Works Of Taku Tashiro Vol.1


Publisher: Genkosha
Version: Japan
Language: Japanese

Product Description

Dive into the artistic journey of Taku Tashiro, a renowned illustrator and designer, with “The Works of Taku Tashiro Vol. 1.” This volume encapsulates 30 years of his exceptional work, from his debut up until 2016, showcasing a total of 708 pieces.

Key Features

  1. Extensive Collection: The book is categorized into five distinct sections:
    • Posters & Advertising
    • Symbols & Logos
    • Characters & Mascots
    • Books & Editorials
    • Goods & Packaging
  2. Industry Insights: It includes valuable messages from 15 leading artists in the graphic design world, such as Akira Uno, Makoto Wada, Hiromi Ota, Yuji Shimamoto, and Katsumi Asaba. Their contributions provide a rich historical context and a deeper understanding of the industry’s evolution.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Comprehensive Record: This book is not just a collection of illustrations; it’s a historical record of Tashiro’s influence on graphic design.
  • Inspiration: Perfect for designers, artists, and enthusiasts looking for inspiration from a master of the craft.
  • Collector’s Item: A must-have for collectors of Japanese art and design, offering a window into the creative mind of Taku Tashiro.

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