The Legend Of Heroes: Kiseki Series

The Legend Of Heroes: Kiseki Series

The 20th Anniversary Full-Color Mug with Lid by Cospa is a wonderful addition to any Kiseki memorabilia collection. Here are my thoughts on this beautiful and practical mug:

Design and Quality

The mug features stunning full-color illustrations of all the beloved characters from the Kiseki series, making it a real treat for any fan. The artwork is vibrant and detailed, and the ceramic feels high-quality and sturdy. The wooden lid adds a touch of elegance and practicality, making it perfect for tea time.


The wooden lid is not just for show. It effectively keeps tea warm and prevents dust from getting into the drink. The lid can also be used as a coaster or a place to rest a tea bag, adding to its versatility and overall usability.


The mug is microwave safe, allowing for quick reheating of drinks. It’s important to note that both the mug and lid require gentle care. The instructions advise against using abrasive detergents or cleaning tools, and the lid should not be soaked or used in the microwave or dishwasher. These care instructions are easy to follow and ensure the longevity of the product.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond its functionality, the mug serves as a lovely decorative piece. When not in use, it can be displayed in a room, adding a touch of fandom charm to any space. The natural variations in the wooden lid’s color and grain give each mug a unique touch, which is delightful.

Overall Experience

This 20th Anniversary Full-Color Mug with Lid is a must-have for any Kiseki series fan. It’s both beautiful and practical, making it a joy to use and display. The limited availability adds a special touch, creating the feeling of owning a unique piece of Kiseki history. Highly recommended for fellow fans and anyone looking for a stylish and functional drinkware item.

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