The House [Halloween Edition] for PlayStation 5

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On Sale The House [Halloween Edition] for PlayStation 5

Product Features

  • Distinctive Character and Monster Design: Encounter a variety of unique and terrifying creatures.
  • Atmospheric Sepia Art Style: Immerse yourself in a world of gloom with hauntingly beautiful visuals.
  • Exclusive Original Soundtrack: Enhance the eerie ambiance with a specially composed soundtrack.
  • Multiple Endings with Unexpected Twists: Your choices lead to various surprising outcomes.

Item Description

Planning your weekend escape? Dive into “Silenced: The House [Halloween Edition]” for a break from the city’s chaos and daily grind! This game promises a unique horror experience… if you can make it through the night in the nightmare-inducing house!

The old house conceals dark secrets. Its empty rooms are filled with mystery, and blind windows gaze ominously from the shadows. Can you hear the whispers? Are you ready to face them? If not, run and hide before it’s too late!

What’s Included in the Halloween Edition

  • Base Game
  • Collector’s Sleeve
  • Reversible Cover Art

Available while supplies last.

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