Nanachi’s Signature Wood Mug: From the Golden City

The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Nanachi's Signature Barrel-shaped Wood Mug

Product Features

  • Material: Crafted from natural wood
  • Size: Approximately 10cm in height and 8cm in diameter, with a capacity of 300ml
  • Limited Availability
  • Note: Product images may differ slightly from the actual item.


Experience the essence of the Abyss with this unique wooden mug, featuring Nanachi’s signature engraved on its barrel-shaped surface. Crafted with precision and care, this mug offers a touch of natural elegance to your daily rituals, making every sip a journey into the depths.

  • Temperature Resilience: Made from wood, this mug remains unaffected by the temperature of your drink, ensuring it stays just right, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Water Repellent: Its surface boasts the remarkable ability to resist water droplets, keeping it pristine with every use.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether it’s beer or juice, this mug accommodates your beverage of choice, elevating your drinking experience.

Please note: Due to its handmade nature using natural wood, each mug may vary slightly in size, wood grain, and color shading, enhancing its individuality. (Product made of jujube wood coated with natural lacquer)

Care Instructions

  1. Wash Before Use: Ensure to wash the mug thoroughly after purchase before using it.
  2. Cleaning: Use mild dish detergent for cleaning, avoiding abrasive detergents or harsh scrubbing brushes.
  3. Avoid Soaking: Refrain from soaking, boiling, or disinfecting with oxygen-based or chlorine-based agents.
  4. Appliance Usage: Do not use the mug in the microwave, dishwasher, or dryer.
  5. Handle with Care: The handle is delicate; avoid using excessive force.
  6. Heat Resistance: The mug is heat-resistant from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.
  7. Caution with Alcohol: Avoid alcoholic beverages at high altitudes (over 40 degrees).
  8. Natural Variations: Expect slight variations in size and weight due to the handmade nature and natural materials used.
  9. Initial Odor: When first used, the mug may have a lacquer and wood scent, which dissipates over time. To expedite the process:
    • Soak in rice polishing juice for about an hour.
    • Mix a few drops of vinegar or baking soda in lukewarm water, soak a cloth, and wipe the mug.

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