Tears Of The Kingdom Original Soundtrack [Regular Edition] (Various Artist)

Tears Of The Kingdom Original Soundtrack [Regular Edition] (Various Artist)


Title: The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Original Soundtrack (Regular Edition)
Publisher: Nippon Columbia
Artists: Various Artists
Release Date: July 31, 2024
Format: Audio CD
Genre: Video Game Soundtrack
Version: Japan


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Original Soundtrack (Regular Edition) gives fans music from the world of Hyrule. Released by Nippon Columbia, it includes work by Manaka Kataoka, Maasa Miyoshi, Masato Ohashi, and Tsukasa Usui. Available from July 31, 2024, this collection brings the game’s music to life.

Details About the Soundtrack

Publisher and Composers

Nippon Columbia, known for quality music production, has produced this soundtrack. It includes contributions from:

  • Manaka Kataoka: Blends melodic and atmospheric sounds.
  • Maasa Miyoshi: Adds depth and variety.
  • Masato Ohashi: Known for emotive and dynamic compositions.
  • Tsukasa Usui: Provides innovative and memorable tracks.

Release Date and Format

The soundtrack is set for release on July 31, 2024, in audio CD format. It is primarily targeted at the Japanese market but is also available for international import. The CD format ensures high-quality sound, allowing fans to enjoy the detailed music.


As a video game soundtrack, the music covers various genres. The tracks reflect different environments and scenarios in the game, including battle themes and exploration melodies.

Tears Of The Kingdom OST Regular Edition

Features of the Soundtrack

Disc Compilation

The soundtrack is spread across seven discs, each containing numerous tracks. This extensive collection allows fans to revisit different parts of Hyrule through music.

Number of Discs7
Total TracksExtensive collection capturing various game aspects
Audio QualityHigh-fidelity sound

Special and Unreleased Tracks

The soundtrack includes several unreleased and secret tracks, offering new material beyond the game’s standard music.

Sound Quality

Produced by Nippon Columbia, the soundtrack features high-fidelity sound. This quality ensures listeners can appreciate the full depth of the compositions.


Purchasing Options

The soundtrack is mainly available in Japan but can be imported internationally. Fans can buy it through various online retailers.

Importing Internationally

Importing the soundtrack may involve extra costs like shipping and customs fees. However, for those eager to own this Zelda soundtrack, the effort is worth it.

Behind the Music

The composers drew inspiration from various elements within the game, including its characters, landscapes, and storyline. Each track is crafted to reflect the emotions and events that players encounter in the game. The use of traditional instruments alongside modern electronic sounds creates a unique listening experience. The production team aimed to ensure that the soundtrack not only complements the game but also stands alone as a powerful collection of music.

This soundtrack is a comprehensive collection that brings the world of Hyrule to life through its music, providing fans with a lasting auditory journey.

Track Listing

Disc 1

Track NumberTitle
01Prologue (first half)
02Mural story
03Prologue (second half)
04Adventure memory “Awakening”
05Get Fanfare (Rotten Master Sword)
07Field (high sky)
08Temple of Time
09Encounter with Raul, the right-hand man
10Sky Island
11First location (inside the shrine)
12Demon Shrine
13Raul’s Guidance
14Combat: Field
15Farewell to Raul
16Look for me
18Nostalgic land
19Field (ground/daytime)
20Watch Fortress
21Reunion with Purua
22Reporting events underground and in the sky
23Hyrule Castle (ground)
24Switch on
25Launching from the bird observatory!
26Expanding world
27Rocky place
28Diving (underground)
29Descending to the underground
30Field (underground)
31Root of demon
32Geoglyph (Raul)
33Dragon’s Tears: Introduction
34Memory of adventure “Here is Izuko”
35Bird observation deck
37Block Golem Battle

Disc 2

Track NumberTitle
01Field (extremely cold)
02Geoglyph (Old Hyrule Castle)
03Memories of adventure “Unknown world”
04Miasma Battle
06Omen of the red moon
07Red moon
08Shirotsume Shinbunsha
09Rito Village (when an incident occurs)
10Reunion with Chuli
11Private house
12Chuli’s bow taken
14Go to cloud investigation
15Cumulonimbus cloud
16Discover the cause of the blizzard
17Wind Temple 1st stage
18Wind Temple 2nd stage
19Wind Temple 3rd stage
20Wind Temple 4th stage
21Wind Temple 5th stage
22Colgera Appearance
23Colgera match (first half)
24Colgera match (second half)
25Heart Vessel Appears
26Rito’s ancient sage’s story
27What we should do
28The fate of my family
29Wind Sage, Chuli
30Disappearance of anomaly
31Rito Village (daytime)
32Rito Village (Night)
33Flight training range
34Mini game (Birdman challenge)
35Arrogant Koga-sama
36Battle against Gleeok

Disc 3

Track NumberTitle
01Lava side
02Geoglyph (Purah Pad)
03Adventure memory “Minel’s advice”
05Goron City (when an incident occurs)
06Reunion with Yunbo
07Where the Goron tribe is
08Field (scorching heat)
09Yun group headquarters
10Oishiiwa…everyone is happy…
11Battle against Yunbo who lost his mind
12Yunbo regains his senses
13Follow Zelda to Death Mountain
14Ilvazia Appearance
15Battle against Ilvazia
16Temple of Fire 1st stage
17Temple of Fire 2nd stage
18Temple of Fire 3rd stage
19Temple of Fire 4th stage
20Temple of Fire 5th stage
21Marbled Gohma Appearance
22Match against Marbled Gohma (first half)
23Match against Marbled Gohma (second half)
24Story of the Goron Ancient Sage
25Sage of Fire, Yunbo
26Goron City (daytime)
27Goron City (night)
28Mini game (Trolley game)
29Battle: Field (joint fight with subjugation squad)
30Goddess Hylia’s blessings!
31Hinox match
32Field (ground/night)
33Mini game (ball toss)
34Battle: Field (underground/cave)
35Underground abandoned mine
36Furious Koga-sama
37Battle against Frox

Disc 4

Track NumberTitle
01Assault (daytime)
03Demon Shrine: Blessing
04Battle: Field (Boss Bokoblin)
05Zora’s Village (when an incident occurs)
06Purify the stone statue buried in sludge
07Meeting with Yona
08Mipha Park
09Reunion with Sid
10Clear stream palace
11Battle against Sludge Like
12Jonah’s thoughts
13Sid’s determination
14Into the maelstrom
15Ancient Zora Shrine
16Zora Air Temple Appearance
17Field (low gravity)
18Water Temple 1st stage
19Water Temple 2nd stage
20Water Temple 3rd stage
21Water Temple 4th stage
22Mucktorok appears
23Battle against Mucktorok (first half)
24Battle against Mucktorok (second half)
25Zora the story of the ancient sage
26Water Sage Cid
27Zora’s new king and queen
28Zora’s Village (daytime)
29Zora’s Village (Night)
30Mini game (diving ceremony)
31Shrine of Evil: Before the Trial
32Shrine of Evil: Battle
33Geoglyph (Molduga)
34Adventure Memories “Gerudo Assault”
35Speaking Kohga-sama
36The return of Kohga-sama

Disc 5

Track NumberTitle
02Geoglyph (Ganondorf)
03Memory of adventure “False subjection”
04Field (severe heat)
05Gerudo Town (when an incident occurs)
06Gerudo Underground Town
07Desert Ruins
08Reunion with Rouge
09Kara Kara Bazaar Defense Battle
10After the war at Kara Kara Bazaar
11Kara Kara Bazaar
12Gerudo Town Defense Battle
13Successful defense of Gerudo Town
14Vision in the desert
15Gerudo Great Pyramid Appearance
16Queen Gibdo appears
17Battle against Queen Gibdo (first encounter)
18Combat: Temple
19Temple of Thunder 1st stage
20Temple of Thunder 2nd stage
21Temple of Thunder 3rd stage
22Temple of Thunder 4th stage
23Queen Gibdo Appearance
24Battle against Queen Gibdo (first half)
25Battle against Queen Gibdo (second half)
26Story of the Gerudo Ancient Sage
27Thunder Sage Rouge
28Gerudo Town (daytime)
29Gerudo Town (Night)
30Vai Meets Voi
31Battle against Molduga
32Geoglyph (Sonia)
33Memories of adventure “Zelda and Sonia”

Disc 6

Track NumberTitle
01Geoglyph (Gerudo Knife)
02Memories of adventure “Sonia Muzan”
03Sign of a monster
04Lurelin Village Reconstruction Feast
05Sakurada Dance of Joy
06Lurelin Village (daytime)
07Lurelin Village (night)
08Geoglyph (Demon King)
09Adventure memory “The Birth of the Demon King”
10Red moon rising over Hyrule Castle
11The watch fort shrouded in darkness
12Hyrule Castle (Sky)
13Is there something I want to show you?
14Battle against Phantom Ganon (first half)
15Battle against Phantom Ganon (second half)
16My name is Ganondorf
17Adventure Memories “The Demon King’s Army”
18Consultation of five people
19Surveillance Fortress (Four Sages Gathering)
20Kakariko Village (daytime)
21Kakariko Village (night)
23Hateno Village (daytime)
24Hateno Village (night)
25Sagono of the world
26Sagono Hat
27The beginning of the village chief election
28Village mayor election
29Sagono and Kusayoshi
30Hateno School
31Hateno Ancient Research Institute
32Assault (night)
33Geoglyph (secret stone)
34Memory of adventure “Wise man’s oath”

Disc 7

Track NumberTitle
01Geoglyph (Sonia’s Tomb)
02Memories of adventure “King’s duty”
03The island of thunder appears
04Thunder Island
05Yongdu Island
06Deep hole in Bituo valley
07Collect money
08Golem manufacturing room 1st stage
09Golem manufacturing room 2nd stage
10Golem manufacturing room 3rd stage
11Golem manufacturing room 4th stage
12Resurrected Golem
13To the temple of souls
14Golem manufacturing room 5th stage
15Zonau Pedestal
16Temple of Time
17Mural Story
19Final Boss Battle
20Ending Theme
22Secret Track 1
23Secret Track 2
24Secret Track 3
25Unreleased Track 1
26Unreleased Track 2


Q: When was the soundtrack released? A: The soundtrack was released on July 31, 2024.

Q: Who are the main artists behind the soundtrack? A: The main artists are Manaka Kataoka, Maasa Miyoshi, Masato Ohashi, and Tsukasa Usui.

Q: How many discs are included in the soundtrack? A: The soundtrack spans seven discs.

Q: Is the soundtrack available internationally? A: Yes, while it is primarily available in Japan, it can be imported internationally.

Q: What makes this soundtrack special? A: The soundtrack includes a variety of tracks that capture the game’s essence, along with special unreleased and secret tracks, making it a valuable item for collectors and fans.

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