Super Mario Bros. Wonder Panel Clip Stand (Set of 16 Pieces)

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Panel Clip Stand (Set of 16 Pieces)

What’s Included

This set features clip stands inspired by Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 1 Box with 16 pieces
  • 16 different designs
  • 1 piece of soda-flavored gum

Detailed Design List

Each box has different designs to collect. Here are the 16 types:

MarioJumping pose
AwaluigiStanding pose
Fire DaisyWith fire power
Drill Yellow ToadDrilling pose
Blue ToadPosing
ToadStanding pose
YoshiOn a cloud
Red YoshiTongue out
Yellow YoshiMissed something
Blue YoshiFunbari pose
Elephant MarioElephant form
Balloon LuigiBalloon form
Elephant PeachElephant form
Goomba DaisyStanding pose

Product Details

These 3D clip stands are designed to look like they are straight out of the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game. They can be used to hold notes, cards, or just as a fun decoration around your room. The clips are removable, which means you can use the clip on its own if you like.

How to Use

  • Note Holder: Place a note in the clip and set it on your desk.
  • Card Holder: Use it to hold cards or small papers.
  • Decoration: Simply place them around your room to add a fun touch.

Important Notes

  • Limited Availability: These items are only available for a short time, so they might sell out quickly.
  • Possible Variations: The actual product might look a bit different from the photos shown.
  • Random Selection: There’s no guarantee you’ll get all 16 types in one box.
  • Order Changes: Suppliers might change the quantity we can order.

Extra Information

These clip stands are perfect for fans of Super Mario Bros. Wonder who want to add a little bit of their favorite game to their everyday life. Each character has been carefully designed to match their look in the game, making them a great collectible item.

Collect all 16 designs and use them to add some fun to your workspace or room. The soda-flavored gum included in each box adds a little extra treat to enjoy while setting up your new clip stands.

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