Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto (Togenashi Togeari)

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Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto (Togenashi Togeari)

Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto (Togenashi Togeari)

About the Release

Album Name: Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto
Artist: Togenashi Togeari
Genre: Anime Soundtrack
Release Date: June 19, 2024
Label: Universal Music
Version: Japan
Format: Audio CD

Track Listing

Track NumberTitle
1Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto
2Title Pending
3Title Pending
4Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto (Instrumental)
5Title Pending (Instrumental)

Item Description

Togenashi Togeari is releasing their eighth single featuring the song “Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto.” This track is an insert song for episode 5 of the TV anime “Girls Band Cry.” The second track on the CD is a full-length version of a new song, while the third track is another version from the anime.

What to Expect

  • Main Song: “Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto,” used in “Girls Band Cry.”
  • New Music: A full-length new song.
  • Anime Version: A third track from the anime series.
  • Instrumentals: Instrumental versions of the main and new songs.

Detailed Information

Here’s a breakdown of what each track offers:

  1. Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto: This is the main song featured in the anime “Girls Band Cry.”
  2. Title Pending: The title for this track hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s a full-length new song.
  3. Title Pending: Another track from the anime, title also not decided yet.
  4. Shikai No Sumi Kuchiru Oto (Instrumental): Instrumental version of the main song.
  5. Title Pending (Instrumental): Instrumental version of the new song.

Key Points

  • This album is specifically released in Japan.
  • It includes both vocal and instrumental tracks.
  • It’s connected to the popular anime “Girls Band Cry.”

By providing this album, Togenashi Togeari gives fans of the anime a chance to enjoy the music featured in the show, along with some new additions.

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