Sayaka Okada Photo Collection Okapinopi

Sayaka Okada Photo Collection: Okapinopi

Item Description

While active as a professional mahjong player, Okada Sayaka is in high demand on TV variety shows, and is known for her outstanding style in gravure, earning her the nickname “Yakuman body”
Her third photobook is now on sale for the first time in five years! In between the fierce battles of the M League, Okada Sayaka visited the tropical beach resort of Pattaya in Thailand. She toured the market lined with vibrant fruits and vegetables, was rocked on a shared bus called a “Songthaew,” was tossed by the waves on the beach at dusk, strolled through the city on Walking Street at night, and was wrapped in pure white sheets in her bedroom. Released from the tension of the table, she showed us a relaxed expression and glamorous figure that she had never shown before in a foreign land.
Now that she has turned 30, Okada Sayaka’s “basic foundation” and “secret of secrets” are fully revealed in this photobook, which allows you to fully enjoy her more mature charm!

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