Sanrio Characters Paper Theater PT-308X Hello Kitty

Sanrio Characters Paper Theater PT-308X Hello Kitty

About the Product

The Sanrio Characters Paper Theater PT-308X Hello Kitty is a special kit made by Ensky, a company based in Japan. It’s made of paper and comes with all the parts you need to assemble it. Once put together, the finished piece measures approximately 80mm tall, 100mm wide, and 42mm deep. Please note that the pictures you see might look slightly different from the actual product you receive.

Detailed Information

This Paper Theater kit lets you create a 3D-like model of Hello Kitty using precision laser-cut pieces of paper. You simply layer these pieces together and use glue as instructed in the included assembly guide. It’s designed to be easy to put together, which makes it a great choice for beginners who are new to this type of crafting.

What’s Included

The kit includes:

  • Kit parts (precision laser-cut paper pieces)
  • Assembly instructions (to guide you step by step)

Additional Note

This product is limited in availability, which means it may not always be easy to find. If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty or enjoy crafting and creating things, this Paper Theater kit could be a fun project for you to try. It’s a way to make a small, detailed model that you can display once completed.

By using precision-cut paper pieces, Ensky ensures that each part fits together neatly, resulting in a final product that captures the charm of Hello Kitty. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or simply enjoy creating cute decorations, this kit offers a rewarding experience without requiring advanced skills.

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