Re: Kessoku Band [Limited Edition] (Various Artist)

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Re: Kessoku Band [Limited Edition] (Various Artist)

Re: Kessoku Band [Limited Edition] (Various Artist)


The Kessoku Band [Limited Edition] album is closely tied to the popular anime series “Bocchi The Rock!” This review delves into what makes this album unique, focusing on its music, design, and additional features.

Music Compilation

Containing a total of 14 tracks, the album features a variety of songs from the “Bocchi The Rock!” compilation movies released in 2024. Included are newly recorded opening and ending songs from the first part “Re:” and the OP song “Re:Re:” from the second part. These tracks aim to capture the essence of the anime series through their musical compositions.

Artistic Design

The album cover has been newly designed by the artist Kerorira, showcasing visuals that reflect the themes and characters of “Bocchi The Rock!” This updated artwork enhances the album’s appeal as a collector’s item for fans of the series.

Production Quality

Each track on the album is meticulously mastered to ensure high-quality sound reproduction. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the listening experience, allowing fans to fully appreciate the depth and emotional impact of the music. Additionally, the inclusion of a Blu-ray disc with creditless intro and outro videos adds multimedia value to the album.

Artists and Collaborations

The album features contributions from various artists, each bringing their distinct style and interpretation to the songs. This collaborative effort enriches the album’s diversity and broadens its appeal to a wide audience of anime and music enthusiasts.

Bonus Features

In addition to its musical content, the album includes a special sticker designed in the style of a backstage pass. This exclusive item serves as a tangible keepsake for fans and enhances the album’s collectibility.


Early reviews from fans have been positive, emphasizing the album’s comprehensive selection of songs and its overall production quality. The newly recorded tracks have been particularly well-received for revitalizing familiar melodies from the anime series.


As a Japan import, the album is readily available through various online retailers and specialty stores catering to anime and music enthusiasts worldwide. This accessibility ensures that fans can easily acquire this limited edition release for their collections.


The Kessoku Band [Limited Edition] album is a notable tribute to the music of “Bocchi The Rock!” Its curated collection of songs, complemented by a redesigned cover and bonus Blu-ray content, makes it an essential addition for fans looking to immerse themselves in the musical world of their favorite anime series.

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