Original Color Beauty Pictorial: Haruka Ayase 2013-2024

Original Color Beauty Pictorial: Haruka Ayase 2013-2024

Book Details

  • Title: Original Color Beauty Pictorial: Haruka Ayase 2013-2024
  • Publisher: Bungeishunjou
  • Language: Japanese
  • Pages: 160

Content Overview

This photo book showcases Haruka Ayase’s work from 2013 to 2024. It’s split into two main parts:

  1. Hawaii Photos (80 pages)
    • Shows Ayase swimming and having fun in Hawaii
    • Many new, never-before-seen images
  2. Best Shots Collection (80 pages)
    • Includes top photos from “Genshoku Bijo Zukan” in Shukan Bunshun magazine
    • Features unreleased pictures

Extra Features

  • Long interview with Haruka Ayase
  • Follows up on her 2012 photo book “Genshoku Ayase Haruka”

Why This Book Stands Out

  • Covers a long time span (11 years) of Ayase’s career
  • Mixes beach photos with studio shots
  • Gives fans both new content and a look back at her best work

Photo Variety

The book offers a range of photo styles:

  1. Casual beach scenes
  2. Studio portraits
  3. Fashion shots
  4. Behind-the-scenes moments

For Collectors

This book is great for Haruka Ayase fans who want to own a complete set of her work. It brings together:

  • Magazine cover shots
  • Rare, unpublished photos
  • A detailed interview for deeper insight into her life and career

Reading Experience

The book’s layout lets readers:

  • Compare Ayase’s looks over the years
  • See how her modeling style has changed
  • Enjoy high-quality, full-color prints

By covering such a long period, the book shows Ayase’s growth as a model and actress, giving readers a full picture of her career path.

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