One-Punch Man: Pop Up Parade King

One-Punch Man: Pop Up Parade King

One-Punch Man: Pop Up Parade King

Product Features

One-Punch Man: Pop Up Parade King by Good Smile Company

  • Type: Non-scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Material: Plastic
  • Height: Approximately 180mm
  • Availability: Limited
  • Note: The actual product may vary from the images shown


POP UP PARADE is a series of collectible figures that are popular because they are not too expensive and are released quickly. Each figure in this series is around 17-18cm tall. The series includes many characters from well-known anime and video games, and new figures are added often.

About the King Figure

The King figure from One-Punch Man is part of the POP UP PARADE line. It’s made of high-quality plastic and stands around 180mm tall. The figure is pre-painted, which means it is already colored and ready to display right out of the box. It is designed to look like the character from the anime, with attention to details like his clothing and facial expression.

Reasons to Choose POP UP PARADE

  • Cost-Effective: These figures are designed to be affordable for collectors.
  • Frequent Releases: New figures come out regularly, so you can keep adding to your collection.
  • Wide Selection: There are many different characters available, so you can find figures from your favorite shows and games.

Additional Information

  • Product Photos: Be aware that the actual figure may look slightly different from the promotional photos.
  • Limited Edition: These figures are produced in limited quantities, so they may sell out quickly.

Table of Key Details

TypeNon-scale Pre-Painted Figure
HeightApprox. 180mm
NoteProduct may differ from photos

Collecting POP UP PARADE Figures

POP UP PARADE figures are a good way to build a collection of your favorite characters. The King figure from One-Punch Man shows the quality and detail that this series offers. These figures are budget-friendly, come out often, and include many different characters, making them a great choice for fans of anime and video games.

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