Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Original Soundtrack

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Original Soundtrack

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Original Soundtrack

Basic Information

Publisher: Konami
Format: Audio CD
Region: Japan
Genre: Video Game Soundtrack

Track Listing


Track NumberTrack NameComposer
01Snake Eater (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
02“METAL GEAR SOLID” Main Theme (METAL GEAR SOLID 3 version) (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
03CQC (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
04Virtuous Mission (HGW+NH)Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino
05On The Ground~Battle In The Jungle (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
06KGBVSGRU (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
07Shagohod (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
08Operation Snake Eater (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
09Mission Briefing (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
10Across The Border~Snake Meets The Boss (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
11Eva’s Unveiling (NT+NH)Nobuko Toda (NT), Norihiko Hibino (NH)
12Ocelot Youth (HGW+NH)Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino
13The Cobras In The Jungle (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
14The Pain (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
15The Fear (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
16Fortress Sneaking (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
17Underground Tunnel (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
18The Fury (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)

Healing Tracks

Track NumberTrack NamePerformer
19Surfing Guitar66 Boys
21Salty Catfish66 Boys
22Old Metal GearStarry.K


Track NumberTrack NameComposer
01Battle In The Base (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
02Volgin, The Torturer (HGW+NH)Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino
03The Sorrow (HGW+OK)Harry Gregson-Williams, Okajima Kenichiro
04Clash With Evil Personified (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
05Sidecar – Escape From The Fortress – (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
06Sidecar – On The Rail Bridge – (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
07Takin’ On The Shagohod (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
08Escape Through The Woods (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
09Troops In Gathering (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
10Life’s End (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
11Last Showdown (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
12The Return Of The MiGs (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
13Don’t Be Afraid (RM)Richard Michael (RM)
14Eva’s Reminiscence (NH)Norihiko Hibino (NH)
15Debriefing (HGW)Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW)
16Way To Fall (Star Sailor)Star Sailor (Star Sailor)

Healing Tracks

Track NumberTrack NamePerformer
17Rock Me Baby66 Boys
18Pillow TalkStarry.K
19Jumpin’ JohnnyChunk Raspberry
20Sea BreezeSergei Mantis

Extra Track

Track NumberTrack NameComposer
21Snake vs Monkeykobo

Special Feature

This soundtrack includes a “Special Camouflage Download” program. If you have a copy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, you can use this CD to get new camouflage uniforms. To do this, insert the CD into your PS2, select “Special Camouflage Key” from the “Special” menu in the game, and follow the instructions.

Extra Information

The soundtrack is a mix of different styles, capturing the game’s various moods and themes. From intense battle music to softer healing tracks, the music enhances the overall experience of the game. Composers like Harry Gregson-Williams and Norihiko Hibino have worked together to create this memorable soundtrack.

This CD also offers a unique way to interact with the game. By using the special camouflage feature, players can improve their gameplay experience. The music itself brings back memories of different game scenes, making it a must-have for fans of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

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