Look Up Series Naruto -Shippuden- Hatake Kakashi (Re-run)

Look Up Series Naruto -Shippuden- Hatake Kakashi (Re-run)

Product Overview

Behold the Mega House Naruto Shippuden Hatake Kakashi figurine, a meticulously crafted collectible fashioned from PVC. Standing at an approximate height of 110mm, this Japanese marvel is a part of MegaHouse’s illustrious Look Up series, renowned for its endearing, upward-gazing design. The head of this diminutive masterpiece possesses a slight mobility, augmenting its delightful charm.

Detailed Information

Pre-painted and ready to display, this figurine is composed of durable PVC, a material prized for its suitability in figure crafting. Measuring roughly 110mm, or about 4.3 inches in stature, it hails from Japan, where it was skillfully created. The Look Up series by MegaHouse is celebrated for its adorable, slightly exaggerated style, and this rendition of Hatake Kakashi is no exception, perfectly encapsulating the series’ aesthetic.

Additional Notes

Please note that the actual product may exhibit slight variations in color and design from the promotional images. Additionally, any supplementary items shown in the photographs are not included with the purchase.

This figurine is an excellent acquisition for Naruto Shippuden aficionados and figure collectors alike. Its compact size and charming design make it an ideal adornment for your desk or shelf. Should you wish to procure this delightful item, ensure thorough scrutiny as the final appearance may deviate marginally from online depictions.

This evaluation aims to assist you in determining whether the Mega House Naruto Shippuden Hatake Kakashi figurine is a suitable addition to your collection. It is a straightforward, well-crafted piece that fans of the series will undoubtedly appreciate.

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