Kininatteru Hito Ga Otoko Ja Nakatta Comic Soundtrack [Limited Edition] (Vinyl) (Various Artist)

Kininatteru Hito Ga Otoko Ja Nakatta Comic Soundtrack [Limited Edition] (Vinyl) (Various Artist)

Kininatteru Hito Ga Otoko Ja Nakatta [Limited Edition Vinyl]

Universal Music

Various Artists

Version: Japan

Format: Vinyl

Further Information

Original Name気になってる人が男じゃなかった コミック・サウンドトラック(LP)
Release Date31-Jul-2024
ArtistVarious Artists
GenreAnime Soundtrack
A-Side Tracks1. Heart-Shaped Box / Nirvana<br>2. Walk This Way / Aerosmith<br>3. Higher Ground / Red Hot Chili Peppers<br>4. Loser / Beck<br>5. Black Hole Sun / Soundgarden
B-Side Tracks1. In These Arms / Bon Jovi<br>2. Coping Mechanism / Willow<br>3. Say It Ain’t So / Weezer<br>4. Shine / Collective Soul<br>5. Mr. Brightside / The Killers
Main CharacterAya
Extra StoryMitsuki’s past
Album DesignManga artwork
Limited EditionRare item
Exclusive ContentBooklet with artist notes

Track Listing


  1. ハート・シェイプト・ボックス / ニルヴァーナ (Heart-Shaped Box / Nirvana)
  2. ウォーク・ディス・ウェイ / エアロスミス (Walk This Way / Aerosmith)
  3. ハイヤー・グラウンド / レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパーズ (Higher Ground / Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  4. ルーザー / ベック (Loser / Beck)
  5. ブラック・ホール・サン / サウンドガーデン (Black Hole Sun / Soundgarden)


  1. 禁じられた愛 / ボン・ジョヴィ (In These Arms / Bon Jovi)
  2. <コピイングメカニズム> / ウィロー (Coping Mechanism / Willow)
  3. セイ・イット・エイント・ソー / ウィーザー (Say It Ain’t So / Weezer)
  4. シャイン / コレクティヴ・ソウル (Shine / Collective Soul)
  5. ミスター・ブライトサイド / ザ・キラーズ (Mr. Brightside / The Killers)

Item Description

The “Ki ni Natteru Hito ga Otoko Janakatta” comic soundtrack has 10 carefully chosen songs. The album includes “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana, which is a favorite of the comic’s main characters. This is the first time this song is part of a compilation album.


Aya, a high school girl, is curious about a mysterious “oni-san” working at a CD store. This story about love between women gained a lot of attention on Twitter. This release also includes a new story about Mitsuki’s past.

Special Features

  • Unique Album Design: The album cover has artwork from the manga, making it special for fans.
  • Limited Edition: Only a few copies are available, making it a rare item.
  • Exclusive Content: Besides the songs, the vinyl includes a booklet with notes from the artists.

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