Ironfoot F4XD Hasty XD (Re-run)

Ironfoot F4XD Hasty XD (Re-run)

Product Features

  • Scale: 1/72
  • Material: PS & PE
  • Size: Approx. H140mm
  • Limited Availability

Item Description

Meet the Ironfoot F4XD Hasty XD, the third CB Armor variation from “Fang of the Sun Dougram.” This model kit, inspired by Kunio Okawara’s drawings, showcases a 10-barrel missile launcher and military-themed colors with enhanced armaments.

Detailed Information

Key Highlights

  • Easy Assembly: Snap-fit connections make assembly straightforward, though some parts may require glue.
  • Posable Design: Each joint includes a poly-cap for smooth posing.
  • New Mold: Features updated and additional parts.
  • Desert Yellow Color: Styled in a desert yellow color to match the original artwork.
  • Compatibility: Can be combined with COMBAT ARMORS MAX 05: 1/72nd Scale Ironfoot F4X Hasty (sold separately).
  • Water-Application Decals: Includes various decals for applying markings.
  • Design Collaboration: Created with mechanical designer Takahiro Yamada’s input.

Limited Edition Model Kit

This limited edition model kit of the Ironfoot F4XD Hasty XD is a must-have for “Fang of the Sun Dougram” fans and collectors. It offers an engaging building experience and results in a highly detailed finished model.

Own Addition

Don’t wait—secure your piece today and enrich your collection with this unique model kit!

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