Hoshino (Swimsuit) [GSC Online Shop Exclusive Ver.]

Hoshino (Swimsuit) [GSC Online Shop Exclusive Ver.]

*yawn* Oh, Sensei! We should go slow on a day like this!

From the popular game “Blue Archive” comes a 1/7 scale figure of Hoshino Takanashi, the president of the Foreclosure Task Force studying at Abydos High School!
The figure features Hoshino in an adorable swimsuit with a whale-shaped float,

sporting her trademark different-colored eyes and attractive smile. The charm of her long hair and petite frame have been brought to life with the use of translucent parts, pastel paintwork, and delicate sculpting.

The base mimics a sandy beach and features motifs such as a pile of sand and Hoshino’s Eye of Horus in a waterproof case, faithfully recreating the original illustration in figure form

A face plate from her event voice line “It’s hot, even when I’m not moving at all…” is also included!

Be sure to add Hoshino to your collection and enjoy a fun summer vacation together!

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