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Hello Kitty Graduation Plush Toy

About the Product

This Hello Kitty plush toy is made for the 2024 graduation season. It’s a soft, stuffed doll that can be used to decorate rooms or given as a gift to children or Hello Kitty fans. The toy is made by Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty.

Product Details

  • Size: About 17 cm tall
  • Material: Soft, short plush fabric
  • Filling: PP Cotton (a type of synthetic fiber)
  • Packaging: Comes in a clear plastic (OPP) bag

Important Notes

  • The color you see on your screen might be a bit different from the real toy.
  • The size might be off by 1-3 cm because it’s measured by hand.

Buying Information

  • You can buy one or many at once (wholesale).
  • The store offers dropshipping.
  • For questions, you can contact the seller.

Extra Costs for Some Countries

If you live outside the European Union, you might have to pay extra for VAT (a kind of tax) and sometimes customs fees. AliExpress will show you the price with VAT included if they have to collect it. To learn more about these extra costs, check with your country’s tax office.

More Product Info

  • Seller: Global-Anime-Figure Store
  • Shipping: Handled by AliExpress
  • Age suggestion: 14 years and older
  • Type: Animal plush
  • Made in: Mainland China
  • Style: Cute, kawaii
  • Can be used as: Room decoration, children’s toy
  • Other tags: Peluche, stuffed toy, plushies


The toy has a CE Certificate, which means it meets certain safety standards.

Why This Toy is Special

This Hello Kitty plush is not just a regular toy. It’s made for the graduation season, which makes it a great gift for someone finishing school. It combines the cuteness of Hello Kitty with the importance of graduation, creating a unique and memorable item. The soft material and huggable size make it comforting to hold, which could be nice for graduates feeling nervous about their next steps.

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