Hella Remastered for PlayStation 4

On Sale Hella Remastered for PlayStation 4

Item Description

-A hot-blooded, hellishly twisted, feverishly filthy, love and hate-filled road trip
Join the crass Garcia Hotspur and his boney buddy, Johnson, as they traverse the depths of the Underworld to steal back Garcia’s kidnapped lover, Paula, from the clutches of Fleming, the Lord of the Underworld. Let the soul of rock ‘n’ roll run loose in the heart of the twisted hellscape that is the Underworld.

Make it through fiendishly funky dungeons with the powers of light and dark
The powers of light and dark pave your path forward. Like ravers in a nightclub, demons are emboldened by the dark but grow weak when exposed to the light. Use your buddy Johnson to blast your way through the darkness of the Underworld.

A cult classic born from the most creative minds in the industry
A third-person shooter crafted by industry legends Goichi Suda (No More Heroes, Killer7, etc.) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, God Hand, etc.)

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