Heian Collection Costume Book + Comic Book

On Sale Heian Collection Costume Book + Comic Book

Heian Collection Costume Book + Comic Book

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Set in the Heian period, this collection explores the fascinating world of “Heian costumes” through the lens of an eccentric “costume merchant.” Created by the genius Oku, this omnibus features a unique blend of illustrations and comics that capture the essence of Heian period attire.

Oku, renowned for crafting a distinct Japanese aesthetic, brings “Heian costumes” to life in this work. The collection includes original costume illustrations and short comics, presented in a “fashion magazine-style” format that highlights the vibrant and intricate designs of the era.

All works included are newly drawn, with many pieces making their debut in Japan, offering fresh and captivating visuals on every page. This is a one-of-a-kind collection that both history enthusiasts and art lovers will cherish.

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