Gothic Remake for PlayStation 5

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Gothic Remake for PlayStation 5

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Return to The Colony with the Gothic Remake

Return to the mining colony in a full-blown remake of the revolutionary game Gothic from 2001. Rediscover its secrets and challenges in a beautifully remastered world.

Product Features

  • Play as the Nameless Hero: Step into the shoes of a convicted prisoner navigating and surviving a world filled with wild animals, dangerous creatures, and treacherous convicts.
  • Faithful Remake: Experience a faithful recreation of the original Gothic 1, preserving the essence and atmosphere that made the game a beloved classic.
  • Modernized Combat System: Engage in a revamped combat system that enhances the original mechanics, bringing the thrilling fights into the modern age.

Item Description

The Kingdom of Myrtana is under siege by a relentless horde of orcs. In a desperate bid to forge powerful weapons, King Rhobar II commands the mining of magical ore from the Khorinis mines, utilizing all available prisoners. To prevent any escapes, he orders his most skilled magicians to create a magical barrier. However, the magic spirals out of control, resulting in a mutiny that turns the mines into a chaotic territory controlled by the most violent prisoners.

Amidst the growing tension between the mine’s factions, the arrival of an unknown prisoner will alter the fate of everyone involved.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Visuals and Audio: Enjoy significantly improved graphics and audio, including detailed environments, character models, and a re-recorded soundtrack.
  • Expanded Content: Discover new quests, expanded lore, and additional content that provide a richer experience while maintaining the original game’s spirit.
  • Community Feedback Integration: Benefit from a development process that incorporated player feedback to refine and enhance the gameplay experience.

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