Garden Simulator (Nintendo Switch)

Garden Simulator (Code in a box) for Nintendo Switch

About the Game

Garden Simulator is a video game made for the Nintendo Switch console, focusing on gardening. Players can grow different fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and design their own gardens. The game lets you plant, take care of, and harvest crops, and decorate your garden with various items.


  • Variety of Plants: Grow many types of fruits, vegetables, and flowers to create unique gardens.
  • Customizable Gardens: Design your garden by placing beds, fences, hedges, and decorations.
  • Maintenance: Keep your garden clean by removing trash and maintaining the lawn.
  • Economic Aspect: Earn coins by selling what you grow to buy better tools and more plants.
  • Interactive Design: Experiment with physics to arrange items creatively and try different garden layouts.


Imagine having your own piece of virtual land where you can grow fresh food and beautiful flowers. Garden Simulator lets you enjoy gardening without leaving home. Take care of your plants from when they’re small until they’re ready to harvest, then sell them to earn coins.

You’ll start with basic tools like a lawnmower and watering can. As you progress, you’ll unlock more tools to help you improve your garden. Each level of the game brings new challenges and chances to make your garden even better.

Remember, a good garden needs attention and care. In Garden Simulator, you’ll learn how satisfying it is to grow plants and create a peaceful outdoor space, all on your game console.

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