Fuwa Minato [GSC Online Shop Limited Ver.]

Fuwa Minato [GSC Online Shop Limited Ver.]


Fuwa Minato, a prominent virtual host from the NIJISANJI livestreamer group, is now available as a special edition Nendoroid figure. Exclusively sold through Good Smile Company’s online store in Japan, this figure stands approximately 100mm tall and is crafted from durable plastic. It features various accessories and interchangeable face plates for creating different poses.

Product Features

  • Exclusive Base: Comes with a unique round base available only at the Good Smile Company Online Store.
  • Design: Non-scale, pre-painted articulated figure made from high-quality plastic.
  • Size: Stands about 100mm tall, suitable for display on desks or shelves.
  • Limited Quantity: Produced in small numbers, enhancing its rarity as a collectible.
  • Note: Actual appearance may vary slightly from promotional images.

Item Description

Fuwa Minato’s Nendoroid figure captures his virtual persona with three face plates: a smiling expression, a winking face, and a cheerful grin. It includes accessories such as a microphone, champagne glass, and additional parts for varied poses.

Where to Purchase

  • Good Smile Company Online Store: Available for pre-order with guaranteed delivery during specific periods.
  • International Partner Shops: Check with local retailers for availability.
  • Play Asia: Also available for purchase through Play Asia.

Additional Information

The Nendoroid series by Good Smile Company is renowned for its cute and chibi-style figures inspired by various media characters. Fuwa Minato [GSC Online Shop Limited Ver.] continues this tradition with its poseable design, interchangeable parts, and meticulous attention to detail.

Collectors’ Interest

Fuwa Minato’s Nendoroid figure not only embodies the charm of NIJISANJI but also stands out as a unique collectible. Its exclusive base and detailed accessories, including the microphone and champagne glass, add significant display value alongside other Nendoroids.

Global Availability

For fans worldwide, Play Asia offers a convenient option to purchase this limited edition Nendoroid figure. Customers can explore reviews and ratings to make informed decisions when adding Fuwa Minato [GSC Online Shop Limited Ver.] to their collections.


Fuwa Minato [GSC Online Shop Limited Ver.] Nendoroid figure represents a distinctive addition to the Nendoroid series, capturing the essence of NIJISANJI’s virtual entertainment in a compact and detailed form. With its exclusive base and versatile posing options, this figure promises to delight collectors and fans alike, making it a prized piece for any enthusiast’s collection.

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