Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Official Guidebook

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Official Guidebook


This guidebook is the official companion to the first 28 episodes of the TV anime “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” It explores the story that follows the characters’ journey from the royal capital to their preparation for the first-class wizard exam. The book explains each episode in detail and includes background information and interviews with the creators and cast members.

Contents Overview

Inside the guidebook, you’ll find a lot of information:

  • Interviews: Detailed interviews with 28 cast members and 13 staff members give insights into how they made the anime. These interviews share the challenges and experiences of creating the characters and scenes.
  • Character Introduction: The guidebook introduces all the characters that Frieren meets during her journey. It includes familiar faces and new characters like wizards and demons, who all play a part in the story.
  • Episode Retrospective: The book looks back at all 28 episodes. It includes pictures, setting details, original drawings, and storyboards so readers can remember important moments and places from the series.
  • Special Features: There are articles about special topics in the guidebook. These articles explore things like magic research and memorable scenes involving characters such as Himmel and his friends, Fern, and Stark. They give more information about the world and its characters.
  • Artwork Gallery: Besides the anime itself, the guidebook has pictures used in magazines and merchandise. It also has a special gallery of pictures made just for the anime, including the beautiful cover picture.


This guidebook is important for fans who want to learn more about “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” It looks closely at the episodes, characters, and how the anime was made. Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan, this guidebook gives a good look at the work that went into bringing Frieren’s journey to the screen.

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