Figma 363 Persona 5: Joker [GSC Online Shop Exclusive]

On Sale figma No. 363 Persona 5: Joker [GSC Online Shop Exclusive Ver.]

Figma No. 363 Persona 5: Joker [GSC Online Shop Exclusive Ver.]

The Figma No. 363 Persona 5: Joker [GSC Online Shop Exclusive Ver.] is a premium collectible action figure produced by Max Factory and exclusively distributed by Good Smile Company. This detailed figure captures Joker, the protagonist of the popular RPG game “Persona 5,” in his iconic Phantom Thief outfit.

Product Features

  • GoodSmile Shop Exclusive: Includes a special Morgana Sparkling Eyes Head Part.
  • Type: Non-scale Pre-Painted Articulated Figure
  • Material: ABS & PVC
  • Size: Approximately H150mm
  • Limited Availability: This exclusive item is available in limited quantities, enhancing its value and desirability for collectors.
  • Quality: Actual product may differ slightly from promotional photos due to manufacturing variations.


  • Articulation: Smooth yet posable figma joints allow for a wide range of dynamic poses.
  • Materials: Crafted from high-quality ABS and PVC materials, ensuring durability and excellent detail.
  • Size: Stands approximately 150mm tall, making it a perfect addition to any collection.


  • Exclusive: This version includes unique accessories and features not available in the standard release, such as the Morgana Sparkling Eyes Head Part.
  • Limited Availability: As a GSC Online Shop Exclusive, it is a rare item with limited production runs.

Item Description

The protagonist from Persona 5 is joining the figma series!

From the critically acclaimed RPG “Persona 5,” comes the rerelease of the figma of the protagonist, Joker, in his Phantom Thief outfit. This highly articulated figure is designed for fans and collectors who appreciate both detail and posability.

  • Face Plates: Comes with three interchangeable face plates including an expressionless face, a smiling face, and a suspicious grinning face.
  • Accessories: Includes a gun, a knife, and an alternate front hair part to display Joker with his mask on.
  • Morgana: The Phantom Thieves’ loyal feline partner, Morgana, is included to display alongside Joker, adding to the figure’s authenticity and appeal.

Why Collect This Figure?

The Figma No. 363 Persona 5: Joker is not just a figure but a piece of art that represents the beloved character from “Persona 5.” Its high level of detail, exclusive accessories, and posability make it a must-have for fans of the game and action figure collectors alike. The limited availability and exclusive nature of this release make it a valuable addition to any collection.

Purchase Information

This exclusive figure is primarily available through the Good Smile Company Online Shop. Due to its limited availability, interested buyers should act quickly to secure this collectible item before it becomes a rare find on the secondary market.

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