EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review – Sound on the Go

My discovery of the EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker was nothing short of serendipitous. There I was, during one routine lunch break, when a colleague’s gadget caught my ear—a device defying the usual anticipation one might have for a portable Bluetooth speaker. Sized so conveniently, it could almost be mistaken for an ornament, yet its output was anything but decorative. This wireless speaker, roughly the dimensions of a chicken’s produce, emitted a sound so robust, making it a standout compact speaker in a sea of bulkier contenders.

What truly distinguishes the EWA A106 Pro Mini isn’t its ability to simply emit audio but to deliver a listening experience that challenges the norms of a ultra-portable travel speaker. Crafted for the nomadic, for whom space is a premium, and convenience a necessity, this pocket-sized speaker encapsulates the ingenuity of minimalist design. Its charm lies in its focus on executing the fundamentals flawlessly, placing it among the choice options for any speaker for travel.

Touted as the mini Bluetooth speaker for the discerning listener, my intrigue, originally piqued over casual banter, has led to an in-depth exploration. Follow along as I delve into the merits of this miniature marvel, and see if it lives up to its burgeoning repute.

Key Takeaways

  • Remarkable sound from a speaker no larger than an egg, setting a new benchmark for compact speakers.
  • The EWA A106 Pro’s design principle emphasizes sound, size, and price—a trifecta of value for the modern traveler.
  • Simplicity triumphs, with the speaker’s functionality honed to perfect the auditory experience without excessive features.
  • Durability and portability cleverly intertwined, proving that good things do indeed come in small packages.
  • Despite the need for a Micro-USB for charging and an older Bluetooth standard, the speaker’s performance remarkably outshines these minor limitations.

Unboxing the EWA A106 Pro Mini: First Impressions Matter

Peeling back the packaging of the EWA A106 Pro was akin to unearthing a jewel—its stature immediately impressing upon me the remarkable feat of engineering that rested within my palm. A mini speaker that scales down to the size of an everyday object we often find in our kitchens yet promises an auditory experience that could very well fill our living spaces with robust sound.

Pocket-Sized Form Factor: The Size of an Egg

The compact speaker dimensions of the EWA A106 Pro defy expectation—they resonate with anyone who prioritizes mobility. Without sacrificing an ounce of elegance or durability, this portable speaker establishes itself as a travel companion ready to delve into soundscapes at a moment’s notice, its lightness underscoring an undeniable convenience.

Custom Bass Radiator and 3W Neodymium Driver for Surprising Loudness

In the domain of portable speaker review rhetoric, the mention of a custom bass radiator often alludes to a device’s promise of bolder sound. The A106 Pro, however, doesn’t merely promise—it delivers. Teamed with a potent 3W neodymium driver, the speaker punches above its weight class, offering an audio fidelity that could easily become the apex of any best portable speaker list.

Design Philosophy: Sound, Size, and Price

The crystal-clear ethos of the EWA brand resonates through each design decision of the A106 Pro. By homing in on what truly amplifies the listening experience—sound quality, compactness, and affordability—EWA manages to conjure a device that is as pleasurable to the ears as it is to the wallet. An outstanding representation of EWA’s commitment to excellence and a testament to their mastery in crafting some of the best mini speakers on the market.

EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review: Sound Performance Breakdown

As I embarked upon disassembling the accoutrements of the EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker, my expectations were tailored by its diminutive frame. Yet, the reality of its sonic reach laid any reservations to rest. This is not just another Bluetooth speaker review; this is a testament to the indomitable spirit of sound encapsulated within an egg-sized enigma. My exploration into the speaker’s loudness and sound quality has yielded insights that, I hope, will resonate with those on the quest for a speaker with long battery life that doesn’t compromise on acoustic delivery.

In my testing, each note played through the EWA A106 Pro belied its physical bounds, casting a much larger auditory shadow than its form would suggest. It did not shy away from filling the expanse of small to medium-sized enclosures with a surprising clarity of sound.

The loudness aspect of this speaker review was especially revealing. Undistorted, the audio performance maintained a level of composure that is often rattled in speakers with a far broader surface area. It’s not until the upper echelons of its volume capabilities that a hint of distortion dares to surface. But even so, it’s a valiant display of acoustic might up until that point.

Contrary to what one might expect from a miniature speaker, the bass notes were neither stifled nor timid. They emerged tight and punchy, further escalating my intrigue into an admiration. However, amidst the acoustic prowess of the EWA A106 Pro, it remains evident that a speaker this compact will have its natural limitations.

LoudnessAmple volume for its size, filling rooms with ease
Sound QualityClear and full, with minimal distortion until high volume
Bass OutputSurprisingly strong for speaker size, although limited by physics
Battery LifeSolid 5 hours plus at 75%-80% volume, good for extended listening sessions

Long Battery Life

The speaker’s long battery life deserves its own share of lauds, defying not just space but also time, by delivering continuous playback that would satiate the most voracious of audiophiles. During my use, the speaker with long battery life became much more than a simple gadget—it became a reliable companion that orchestrated the soundtrack of my daily escapades.

EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review


In settings less formal and more intimate—a gathering of friends, a solitary moment in the park—the EWA A106 Pro stood prominent, not by sight, but by the ambience it crafted. It’s in these casual yet memorable moments that the speaker truly shines, proving that it is not just its size, but its performance that truly defines it.

Design and Durability: Small Speaker, Big Resilience

Upon my initial handling of the EWA A106 Pro Mini, I immediately recognized a design dedicated not just to the aesthetics, but equally to resilience. Crafted to cater to the avid traveler and those of us prone to encountering the unpredictable whims of nature, this travel speaker represents an embodiment of sound engineering—both audibly and structurally.

IP67 Waterproofing and Robust Weather Protection

Accounting for the uncertainty of outdoor adventure, the speaker touts an impressive IPX7 waterproof rating, a specification that guarantees it can brave the elements—be it a casual drizzle or an unintended plunge into a pool. Such robust weather protection is not merely a feature; it’s a promise of uninterrupted musical euphoria regardless of climatic conditions.

Ergonomic Single Button Control and Simplified User Experience

Navigating the functionalities of a portable speaker should be as intuitive as the music it plays. The EWA A106 Pro capitalizes on simplicity with a single button design that mitigates the fuss of fumbling through multiple controls. This simplification champions a user experience that is, as I found, refreshingly straightforward, ensuring that my focus remains affixed to the enjoyment of the speaker’s travel speaker performance.

Concerns About the Durability of the Included Travel Case

However, not every member of this speaker’s ensemble casts an equal shadow of durability. Despite its sturdy build, the provided travel case exhibits some vulnerability, chiefly at the joining point of the carabiner clip—a blemish on an otherwise impressive record. Such concerns about durability raise questions, yet don’t eclipse the overall craftsmanship that the EWA A106 Pro exhibits.

Waterproof RatingIPX7 – Suitable for full submersion
Weather Protection QualityRobust – withstanding rain, splashes, and brief immersion
Control MechanismSingle button – Power, Play/Pause, Track Control
Travel Case DurabilitySturdy with weak points at carabiner attachment

In evaluating the trajectory of the EWA A106 Pro Mini’s journey with me, I’ve noted that its design and durability propel it beyond the conventional confines of a speaker’s expectations. Standing the test of countless treks, its steadfast form harmonizes with my own venturesome spirit, delivering both robust tunes and protection against the vagaries of weather and wear.


The EWA A106 Pro’s Battery Life and Charging Efficiency

My user experience with the EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker has surprisingly defied its petite stature when it comes to endurance and charging efficiency. As a travel enthusiast and an audiophile, battery life is a pivotal factor for me. EWA claims up to 8 hours of playback at 50% volume, which is a decent stretch for such a diminutive device. However, through my personal use, I observed that at more realistic volumes of 75%-80%, the speaker for travel provided a reliable companion for about 5 hours and 25 minutes. While this may slightly deviate from the official numbers, it’s still an impressive feat for a speaker of this size.

Focusing on the charging aspect, I was genuinely pleased with the charging efficiency of the A106 Pro. Despite relying on micro-USB charging—a standard that many may frown upon in this age charging advancements—this hasn’t significantly impaired its practicality. The speaker went from power-depleted to fully charged in a little under two hours. This swift recharge capability ensures that the speaker is primed and ready for prolonged periods of audio enjoyment, leaving little room for concern over unexpected downtimes.

Exceeds Expectations

For someone who is frequently on the move and prefers their gadgets to have minimal downtime, the A106 Pro exceeds expectations. Whether it’s prepped for an upcoming journey or an impromptu picnic, I can count on this top-tier Bluetooth speaker to be rearing to go with minimal tethering to a power source—a trait that certainly rings well with the ethos of top Bluetooth speakers.

EWA A106 Pro FeaturePerformance
Battery Life at 50% VolumeClaimed 8 hours
Battery Life at 75%-80% VolumeApproximately 5 hours and 25 minutes
Charging Port TypeMicro-USB
Charging Time to FullUnder two hours

Considering the role that battery life and charging efficiency play in the usability of a speaker for travel, the EWA A106 Pro represents an equilibrium between convenience and performance. Not only does it keep the tunes going for extended sessions of aural pleasure, but it also ensures that said sessions are not too far apart due to prolonged charging times—an elemental companion in my musical voyages.

Charging Efficiency of the EWA A106 Pro

Portability and Versatility: The EWA A106 Pro On The Move

Embarking on adventures with an ideal soundtrack has transformed from a luxury to a necessity for me—much of which the EWA A106 Pro makes possible. In our fast-paced world, the measure of a gadget’s excellence is often pegged to its flexibility and adaptability. The EWA A106 Pro mini Bluetooth speaker’s innovative design is exemplary of how super portable speakers effortlessly blend into our mobile lifestyles, ensuring that we have the perfect outdoor speaker for every occasion.

Super Portable Design for Easy Travel and Outdoor Use

When discussing mobility, few speakers can rival the ultra-compact form factor of the EWA A106 Pro. To term this device merely an outdoor speaker would be an understatement of its capabilities. The portable wireless speaker, hardly heavier than a deck of cards at just over four ounces, offers unprecedented freedom. By slipping it into a pocket or tethering it to a backpack, its presence becomes as indispensable and unobtrusive as the essential travel case packed it comes nestled in.


Functional Carabiner Clip and Travel Case Packed Performance

The true essence of portability is not just in how effortlessly a product can be carried, but also in how it performs when it’s being transported. The EWA A106 Pro’s travel case packed with functionality lives up to this standard. Not only does the resilient case protect the speaker, but with its clever cut-out design, the music never has to stop—even when on the move. Though the carabiner clip’s durability came into question during my tests, the overall value was not compromised, and it remains a feature that enhances the speaker’s usability.

Sound on the Go: Making Special Moments with Music

Music has the power to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, making special moments even more memorable. With the EWA A106 Pro by my side, I’ve witnessed its effect first-hand. Whether providing a soundtrack for a solitary sunset or amplifying the ambience of a group hike, this portable wireless speaker has risen to every occasion. Its custom driver delivers a sound that belies the speaker’s diminutive size, ensuring no beat or note gets left behind, even when we’re far from home.

Ultimately, the EWA A106 Pro stands as a paragon of what modern super portable speakers should embody: versatility, ease of use, and the ability to make special moments more memorable with high-quality sound. It is as much a travel companion as it is an auditory treat, fitting seamlessly into every aspect of life on the go. It remains a leading choice for anyone in pursuit of a portable wireless speaker that does not sacrifice performance for size.


The journey through the soundscapes with the EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker has been a revelation of portability meeting performance. Its diminutive size masks an ability to deliver a powerful sound that rivals larger, more cumbersome speakers. Through my review, this speaker has consistently showcased an impressive loudness and a bass response that defies its petite presentation, making it a formidable contender for the best portable speaker title in its price range.

While examining the EWA A106 Pro accessories and design, I noted the simplistic approach that EWA has taken. A stripped-down feature set not only reflects in the speaker’s affordability but also in its focused sound quality. Yes, there are concerns such as the Micro-USB charging and lack of cutting-edge Bluetooth connectivity, but these are overshadowed by its overall cost-efficiency and robust performance. Moreover, the absence of these modern refinements does little to detract from its desirability and functionality as a travel-friendly audio device.

In conclusion, the EWA A106 Pro Mini is a testament to smart design and engineering, where small size does not compromise big sound. It’s cheap, cheerful, and punches well above its weight, offering enthusiasts a travel companion that doesn’t just play music—it amplifies experiences. For those seeking quality acoustic delivery on-the-go, the EWA A106 Pro stands out as an easy recommendation.


How does the EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker perform in terms of sound quality?

The EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker delivers outstanding sound quality for its size. It is equipped with a custom bass radiator and a high-performance 3W neodymium driver, producing surprising loudness and full bass that can fill a small to medium-sized room. However, it may not compete with larger and more expensive speakers intended for high-end audio experiences.

What are the dimensions of the EWA A106 Pro Mini, and how portable is it?

The dimensions of the EWA A106 Pro Mini make it one of the most compact and portable speakers on the market. Comparable in size to an egg, it fits comfortably into a pocket or can be clipped to a backpack with the included carabiner, making it perfect for travel and outdoor use.

Is the EWA A106 Pro Mini waterproof and suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, the EWA A106 Pro Mini is IP67 waterproof rated, meaning it can handle all weather conditions and even withstand being submerged in water. This rugged build makes it suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, beach trips, or poolside lounging.

How do I control the playback and functions on the EWA A106 Pro Mini?

The EWA A106 Pro Mini employs a simplistic design with a single button that controls power and playback. It simplifies user interaction while a multi-function LED indicator gives cues on the speaker’s operational status.

What are some potential concerns with the EWA A106 Pro Mini’s durability?

Some concerns have been raised regarding the durability of the included travel case, especially the robustness of the carabiner clip during stress tests. However, the speaker itself is designed to be resilient and perform solidly.

What kind of battery life can I expect from the EWA A106 Pro Mini, and how long does it take to charge?

The EWA A106 Pro Mini is rated to last for about 8 hours of playtime at 50% volume. During my tests, it lasted approximately 5 hours and 25 minutes at higher volumes. It charges quickly, with a full recharge taking less than two hours.

Does the EWA A106 Pro Mini come with accessories?

The EWA A106 Pro Mini comes with a travel case which not only protects the speaker from scratches but also allows for music playback with its design. However, unlike some other models, it doesn’t come packed with additional accessories like cables or different mounting options.

Is the EWA A106 Pro Mini speaker a good value for money?

The EWA A106 Pro Mini speaker is an excellent value for money, considering its powerful sound performance, ultra-portability, and durable design. Its affordability matched with its sound capabilities makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a quality portable speaker without a high price tag.

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