Erica Murakami First Photobook Admiring Aika

On Sale Erica Murakami First Photobook: Admiring Aika

Erica Murakami First Photobook: Admiring Aika

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Aika Murakami’s 1st Photo Book is Now Available

Aika Murakami, the Grand Prix winner of the 2018 ViVi exclusive model audition, has released her first photo book. Aika, who began her career as a ViVi model, has adeptly balanced her college life with her burgeoning modeling career. She has also made a name for herself as an actress, notably in the Super Sentai series, earning the affectionate title of the “princess” of the nation, beloved by men and women of all ages.

Reflecting on her journey as a university student, model, and actress, Aika remarks, “I was so busy that I don’t remember much, but I graduated from university!” Her dedication and hard work have made her a popular character in the Super Sentai series. She aspires to lead roles that will continue to endear her to fans, saying, “I want to be called ‘Princess Erika.'”

In her debut photo book, Aika showcases 14 different looks, ranging from the pure and natural to meticulously posed studio shots. Each image captures the current Aika, exuding charm and adorability that invites endless admiration. The book not only highlights her diverse styling but also includes an interview where Aika shares her passion for beauty.

Don’t miss the chance to delve into the world of Aika Murakami through her first photo book, a celebration of her evolving career and vibrant personality.

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