Disney Inside Out 2 Plush Dolls: Cute Characters

Get Disney Inside Out 2 Plush Dolls: Cute and Soft Characters

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Disney Inside Out 2 Plush Dolls: Cute and Soft Characters

Design and Look

These plush dolls are based on the popular Disney movie Inside Out 2. They look a lot like the characters from the film, with some small changes. The dolls are cute and many people like them.

What They’re Made Of

The dolls are filled with good quality plush and PP cotton. This makes them soft, comfy, and bouncy. They keep their shape even when you squeeze them.

How They Feel

The Inside Out 2 toys are really soft and fluffy. They feel nice to touch and are great for hugging.

Where You Can Put Them

You can put these plush dolls in bedrooms, living rooms, or offices. They’re good for collecting or playing with. The size is just right for both.

Good for Gifts

These toys are great gifts for kids. You could give them for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other special days. They’re nice presents for family and friends too.

More Details

  • The dolls are 21-26 cm tall
  • They’re made of cotton
  • The brand is TAKARA TOMY
  • They’re made in mainland China
  • Keep them away from fire

Extra Costs

If you’re buying these from outside the European Union, you might have to pay extra for VAT and sometimes customs fees. AliExpress will show you the price with VAT included when you buy if they have to collect it. If you want to know more about these costs, ask the tax and customs people in your country.

Where to Buy

You can get these plush dolls from the Childlike Town Store on AliExpress.

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