Devil Anthem Ichika 10th Anniversary Official Photobook

Devil Anthem Ichika 10th Anniversary Official Photobook

Book Info

  • Name: Devil Anthem Ichika 10th Anniversary Official Photobook
  • Publisher: Shufunotomo
  • Language: Japanese
  • Origin: Japan

About the Group

Devil ANTHEM. is a girl group that debuted in 2014. To celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2024, they’re releasing their first major photobook. The current members include:

  • Takekoshi Kurumi
  • Takemoto Airi
  • Mizuno Akira
  • Hashimoto Yume
  • Ando Kaede

What’s Inside

This book offers a unique glimpse into the lives of the Devil ANTHEM. members. Each girl is featured in an 18-page solo section, showcasing candid moments in their rooms, hometown walks, and relaxation time in parks.

Cool Stuff in the Book

  • Exclusive 18-page solo sections for each member
  • Natural, everyday photos of the girls in their element
  • Scenic shots from their hometown strolls and park outings

Girl Talk

At the end of the book, readers can enjoy insightful conversations among the five members. They discuss:

  • Their thoughts and feelings about each other
  • Memorable experiences they’ve shared
  • Reflections on breaks they’ve taken from group activities

Questions People Ask

Q: How does this book differ from typical idol publications? A: Unlike standard glamour shots, this book focuses on capturing the girls in everyday situations.

Q: Is the conversation section worth reading? A: Absolutely! It provides valuable insights into the members’ personalities and group dynamics.

Q: Will new fans appreciate this book? A: Definitely! It serves as an excellent introduction to both the group and its individual members.

Q: What types of photos are included? A: The book features a mix of room shots, hometown explorations, and park relaxation scenes.

Q: Is the book available in languages other than Japanese? A: Currently, the book is only published in Japanese.

Last Bit

This Devil ANTHEM. 10th anniversary photobook is a fantastic way to commemorate the group’s milestone. Furthermore, it gives fans an intimate look at the members’ lives through both visual content and personal conversations. Whether you’re a long-time supporter or new to the fandom, this book is sure to be a valuable addition to your collection.

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