Delicious In Dungeon Original Soundtrack [Anime Edition] (Yasunori Mitsuda, Syunsuke Tsuchiya)

Delicious In Dungeon Original Soundtrack [Anime Edition] (Yasunori Mitsuda, Syunsuke Tsuchiya)

Delicious In Dungeon Original Soundtrack [Anime Edition] (Yasunori Mitsuda, Syunsuke Tsuchiya)

The Delicious in Dungeon Original Soundtrack, produced by Media Factory, showcases the musical talents of Yasunori Mitsuda and Syunsuke Tsuchiya, known for their contributions to anime soundtracks. This collection, spread over two CDs, offers a wide range of tracks that complement the adventurous and emotional tones of the “Delicious in Dungeon” anime.

Tracklist Overview

Spread across two discs, the soundtrack contains a total of 78 tracks. Disc 1 focuses on themes such as dungeon exploration, battle sequences, and moments of triumph and tension. Disc 2 explores deeper emotional themes, character development, and reflective moments within the anime’s narrative.

Composition and Artistry

Yasunori Mitsuda and Syunsuke Tsuchiya’s compositions blend orchestral arrangements with modern elements, creating a diverse auditory experience. Each track is meticulously crafted to evoke specific emotions and enhance the storytelling of “Delicious in Dungeon,” ensuring a cohesive musical journey for listeners.

Production and Design

The soundtrack is presented in a visually appealing anime-style jacket, reflecting the aesthetic of the series. Distributed by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd., each CD is labeled with a unique product number (ZMCZ-16882), ensuring quality and accessibility for fans of the anime.

Availability and Release

Scheduled for release on July 24, 2024, the soundtrack will be available for purchase both in stores and online. This availability allows fans to enjoy the music beyond the confines of the anime series, providing a standalone experience that captures the essence of “Delicious in Dungeon.”


Disc 1:

  1. Dungeon Meshi -Main Theme-
  2. Whereabouts of the Soul
  3. Red Dragon
  4. Signs of Recovery
  5. Bustling Adventurers
  6. Tasting the Food -Anxiety and Joy-
  7. The Unwanted Affair of the Rational Monster Maniac
  8. Beautiful Hometown Dance
  9. Today’s Dungeon Meshi
  10. Senshi’s Bag of Wisdom
  11. I was able to do it well〜
  12. A Creeping Shadow
  13. A Peaceful Ally
  14. To the Inexperienced Adventurer
  15. The Darkness and Mystery of the Dungeon
  16. Between Survival and Destruction
  17. Like It Was Yesterday
  18. Vigilant Search
  19. Creepy Mouthfeel
  20. A Unexpected Attack
  21. Aftertaste of Victory
  22. Ominous Giant Creature
  23. At the End of Lost Hope
  24. The Blessings of Food
  25. Inconvenient Gossip
  26. Prepare for Battle!
  27. The Dungeon Door Has Been Opened
  28. A Question and Answer that Cannot be Removed
  29. Dear Feelings
  30. Lateral Thinking
  31. Stage of Hellfire
  32. Golden Country
  33. Mochi in a Picture
  34. You did well!?
  35. Abode of Ferocity
  36. Fortune and Misfortune are Intertwined
  37. Illusion
  38. Mermaid Song
  39. Investigation of Bonds
  40. Exploring the Dungeon is Boring

Disc 2:

  1. Former Glory
  2. Half-belief, Half-doubt
  3. A Genius Thought
  4. State of Emergency
  5. Conspiracies, Lies and Rumors
  6. Self-Centered
  7. Black Magic
  8. Thistle and Marcille
  9. Mad Magician
  10. In a Limited Amount of Time
  11. Hostility
  12. Confused Schemes
  13. Weird Creature
  14. The Truth That was Told
  15. Concerns
  16. Adventurers’ Trust
  17. Nightmares
  18. Weakness
  19. Surprise Attack
  20. A Dizzying Attack and Defense
  21. Canary Squad
  22. Monsters Dancing to Illusions
  23. Scattered in a Desperate Situation
  24. The End of the Dungeon
  25. Cruel Bargaining
  26. The Ultimate Deliciousness
  27. Slapstick Struggle
  28. Bright Dining Table
  29. Eastern Covert Unit
  30. Chimera Falin
  31. Ruthless World
  32. Gentle Conversation
  33. Resonance of the Heart
  34. Doubts of a Certain Past
  35. Peaceful Village of Melini
  36. Upbringing
  37. A Futile Argument
  38. Fleeting Life


The Delicious in Dungeon Original Soundtrack offers a comprehensive collection of music that enhances the viewing experience of the anime. With its diverse compositions and emotional depth, the soundtrack serves as an integral part of the series, resonating with fans through its powerful musical storytelling.


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