Cute Ryan Pillow Toy: Comfy and Fun Room Decor

Get Cute Ryan Pillow Toy: Comfy and Fun Room Decor

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Cute Ryan Pillow Toy

What’s This Thing?

This is a big, soft pillow toy shaped like Ryan, a character from Kakao Friends. It’s 50cm long and weighs 1kg. Made of soft, fluffy material and filled with PP cotton.

Cool Stuff About It

  • Super soft and nice to hug
  • Use as a pillow or for fun
  • Looks cute in your room
  • Nice gift for kids or cute stuff lovers
  • Put on bed or couch

Things to Know

  • Color might differ slightly from picture
  • Size may vary by 1-3cm

More Info

Part of Kakao Friends character set. Ryan is a popular lion character. Other characters include Apeach and Muzi.

Great for cute stuff or anime fans. Soft enough to sleep on, fun to play with or collect.

Buying Tips

  • Check size for fit
  • Appearance may vary slightly
  • Good for Christmas or birthday gifts
  • Consider other Kakao Friends characters

A fun way to make your room cooler and cozier. Noticeable but not space-consuming.

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