Critter Cove PlayStation 4

Critter Cove for PlayStation 4

Welcome to Critter Cove

Critter Cove is a life simulation game set in a tropical island world. You can play as a human or one of many animal characters. Your goal is to rebuild and improve a neglected town, turning it into a thriving community.

Game Features

Rebuild the Town

Use your engineering skills to fix up the town. Restore shops and community spaces. As you progress, you will unlock new buildings, craft items, and add new features to improve your town.

Turn Trash into Treasures

Rebuild Critter Cove by finding and using materials from around the world. Turn trash, debris, and driftwood into useful tools, machinery, and furniture.

Recruit Animal Residents

As your town grows, recruit new animal residents. Each one has a unique personality, so match them with the right job. Build homes for them and help them become part of your community.

Meet Interesting Characters

You’ll meet a variety of unique characters, like a snarky bearded dragon and a curious robot. Build friendships with these interesting residents.

Explore the World

Expand your town by exploring a detailed open world. Search for relics, blueprints, and shipwrecked critters.

Dive into the Oceans

Explore the underwater world full of ruins, shipwrecks, and ancient technology. Craft new equipment to dive deeper and sail farther to find new places and unusual people.

Personalize Your Space

Play as a human or choose from many animal characters. Customize your home and wardrobe with a variety of furnishings and fashions.

Choose Your Pace

Go on adventures to distant islands or relax and fish for the afternoon. Take on quests and crafting tasks from locals, or decorate your house just the way you like it. It’s all up to you.

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