Clamp Exhibition Official Art Book Color Shiro

On Sale Clamp Exhibition Official Art Book Color: Shiro

Product Languages

Language: Japanese

Item Description

The “Clamp Exhibition Official Art Book Color Shiro” is an exquisite collection that no CLAMP fan should miss. This official art book, published by Kodansha, showcases over 200 stunning original drawings from the renowned manga artist group CLAMP. These artworks were exhibited at the prestigious “CLAMP Exhibition” held at the National Art Center in Tokyo.

Key Features

  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Language: Japanese
  • Content: The “Shiro” volume features a carefully curated selection of artworks from the latter half of the exhibition, along with exclusive pieces created specifically for this event. The book offers a deep dive into the beautiful and intricate world of CLAMP’s original drawings.

Series Covered

Fans will be delighted to find artworks from some of CLAMP’s most beloved series, including:

  • “Cardcaptor Sakura”
  • “Magic Knight Rayearth”
  • “xxxHolic”
  • “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle”
  • “X/1999”
  • “Tokyo Babylon”
  • “Chobits”


This art book is designed as a high-quality, large-format hardcover, ensuring that the vibrant colors and detailed illustrations are presented in the best possible way.


As an official and comprehensive collection of CLAMP’s work, the “Shiro” art book is a valuable item for collectors and fans alike. Its exclusive content and connection to the National Art Center exhibition make it a unique addition to any manga library.

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