Pokemon Feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage 18 Songs

Project Voltage, also known as PokéMiku, is a unique mix of Pokémon and Hatsune Miku. It brings 18 renowned Vocaloid producers together. Each producer made a song and video spotlighting a particular Pokémon type. This cool project kicked off on September 29, 2023. It got everyone excited about the CD release on November 13, 20241.

Pokemon Feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage 18 Songs

Overview of the Pokemon Feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage Collaboration

Project Voltage connects two big names in entertainment – Pokémon and Hatsune Miku. It started on August 31st, known as Miku’s birthday, showing how the two worlds collide.

Introduction to Project VOLTAGE

The Pokémon feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage began with 18 songs and music videos. Each one was based on a different Pokémon type23. These creations kickstarted the hatsune miku pokemon collection, mixing different music and art styles. The launch ran from September 29, 2023, to March 9, 20243.

There was also art imagining “What if Hatsune Miku was a Pokémon Trainer of a certain type?”. Six artists shared their visions from September 4 to 28, 20233. More art came out starting October 20, 20232.

The Partnership Between Pokémon and Crypton Future Media

Crypton Future Media teamed up with Pokémon for this special collab. Together, they created 18 songs to begin with, then expanded to 20 more tracks23. This move shows their dedication to a wide variety of music.

This project is known for its strict quality checks. The songs and videos were all screened carefully before being shared. A CD with the best songs will be out on November 13, 20242. These are songs and art based on different Pokémon types. They will be part of the upcoming pokemon x hatsune miku album.

Fans can also get official merchandise from this collab. This includes music and art you can find online, along with special collectibles. This has made the collab well-loved by fans around the world.

Release Dates and Producers of Project Voltage Songs

Project Voltage ran from September 29, 2023, to May 10, 2024. During this time, 18 songs were shared, along with some additional tracks. It was a big project that mixed Pokémon vibes with the famous voice of Hatsune Miku. Altogether, 20 Vocaloid creators joined in to make these songs.


Chronological Release of Songs

The songs started coming out on September 29, 2023, and rolled out until March 9, 2024, at 6:30 PM JST3. They were made by 18 different Vocaloid producers. Later, more songs were added. By the end, there were 20 producers in total3.Before the music, fans got to see new illustrations every night from September 4 to September 28, 2023, at 7:00 PM JST3. This built a lot of excitement for what was to come. The whole project is wrapping up with a special CD in Japan on November 13, 20242.

Meet the Vocaloid Producers

Project Voltage had an awesome group of Vocaloid musicians. Names like DECO*27 and Mitchie M stood out. Each made a song imagining what Hatsune Miku might be like as a Pokémon Trainer of a certain type3. Megumi Mizutani also had a big part, creating four amazing pieces of art to go with the music4. Every week, we learned about new producers, starting on September 28. There were more announcements on November 24, January 26, and February 223. The team eventually grew to 20, blending Pokémon and Hatsune Miku vibes perfectly2. This project didn’t only feature songs. There were also art pieces and videos that made each release special2.

Get Pokemon Feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage 18 Types/Songs Collection

The long-awaited Project Voltage collection will launch on November 13, 20241. It includes 18 songs dedicated to Pokémon. Fans will love the two-disc CD set, which has 21 tracks including hits like “Volt Tackle” and “Fly With You”1.

Where to buy pokemon feat. hatsune miku project voltage

Where to Get the Official Collection

Wondering where to buy Pokémon feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage? It will be sold at many trusted stores. Early buyers can get special gifts from places like the Pokémon Center and Amazon.co.jp1. These stores offer cool bonuses to fans who purchase early.

Special Editions and Merchandise

In addition to the basic set, unique editions and items are available. If you pre-ordered by September 1, you could pick from 18 acrylic stands. These stands show Miku with a different Pokémon for each one1. Other free items for early birds are PokéMiku greeting cards and keychains1. With the Pokémon feat. Hatsune Miku voltage collection, fans can expect lots of cool stuff to add to their collections.

Featured Pokemon and Song Themes

The Pokémon feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage 18 types/songs collection combines music with Pokémon themes. It’s inspired by the 18 unique Pokémon types. Ones like Meloetta, Rillaboom, and Skeledirge are key, chosen for their music or their fit with Hatsune Miku.

It’s like a melodic Pokédex, with each song capturing a theme. The result is a blend of visuals and sound that fans love.

18 Vocaloid producers made 18 unique songs and music videos, one for each Pokémon type2. Each song and video is different, adding variety to the project. Also, Hatsune Miku’s role as a Trainer for these Pokémon types makes it even more interesting for fans5.

This project is a showcase for the talents of 18 Vocaloid producers. But it grew when the 19th song, released on May 10, 2024, brought in another producer2. This move shows the broad scope of the collaboration.


The hard work paid off. Each song and video was carefully made to please Pokémon and Hatsune Miku followers5. Through teamwork, the community created 18 songs and videos full of passion and creativity5.

Looking at the big picture, the Pokémon feat. Hatsune Miku Collection offers many songs. These songs highlight the best of each Pokémon type. So, Project Voltage 18 types/songs is a must-have for every fan.

Additional Artwork and Collectibles

Project Voltage offers more than just the music collection. It includes special artwork and collectibles. These items show Pokémon and Hatsune Miku in a unique way. They mix visual art with Pokémon’s types’ themes.

The Pokémon Center has exclusive stuff. This includes cool posters and plush toys. They are from the ‘Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum’ collection. Prices range from $12.99 to $49.996.

If fans do the Pokémon Adventure activity at the Van Gogh Museum, they get a special Pikachu card. This card is a unique souvenir6.

Additional official pokemon miku merchandise

Fans are excited about the upcoming Hatsune Miku Project Voltage CD. The buzz is also high for more Pokémon Miku merchandise. This includes card game sleeves, poster prints, and more. These items celebrate the special Miku and Pokémon collaboration6.

Engaging the Community: Social Media and Fan Participation

The Project Voltage initiative is exciting fans everywhere. It’s all happening on Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify. Now, fans from all over the world are deeply into this unique mix of music and art.

Digital tech has made it easy for everyone to enjoy and join in. The project has brought fans together, no matter where they are in the world7. It’s a great way for musicians and fans to connect online. This exciting journey has Pokémon and Hatsune Miku at its heart, making fans interact like never before.

One of the coolest things is virtual jam sessions and making music online7. Fans are more than just viewers; they play a big role by creating art, songs, and remixes. This sharing boosts the album’s reach and shows what fans can do together. The partnership between Pokémon and Hatsune Miku highlights the power of digital tools to unite fans in creative fun.

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