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Delve into a world once united by the fusion of magic and technology, only to be torn apart by ideological differences. As civilization progressed, humans and demons, each harnessing their unique powers, segregated into separate societies.

While humans embraced technological advancements, demons cultivated their society through magic. Yet, this delicate balance was disrupted as technology began to overshadow magic’s influence. Eventually, an uncontrollable ultimate weapon from the technological realm devastated the world, erasing all traces of civilization.

Nearly a millennium passed without incident until ancient technology buried deep within the Earth resurfaced. Humanity, oblivious to the lessons of the past, once again teetered on the brink of repeating catastrophic mistakes.

For eons, the world has been guarded by four enigmatic temples, each imbued with the power to control nature and safeguard a kingdom. The Moon Temple shields the water-rich Cruz Kingdom in a serene aquatic landscape. The Sun Temple overlooks the bold Galien Kingdom, thriving amidst tropical desert expanses.

In the frigid polar regions, the Zak Empire flourishes under the auspices of the Star Temple’s technological prowess. Meanwhile, the Lear Kingdom, nestled amidst picturesque vistas, is protected by the Wind Temple, fostering a matriarchal society.

Yet, tranquility is shattered as ancient demons of legend emerge, plunging humanity into chaos and uncertainty. As nightmares materialize and mysteries deepen, questions abound: What do these malevolent entities seek? What secrets lie within the temples? And who orchestrates this unfolding saga? Unravel the veil of secrecy and discover the truth behind this enigmatic conundrum.

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