Beyond The Way / Blender (Vivid BAD SQUAD)

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Beyond The Way / Blender (Vivid BAD SQUAD)

Basic Info

This is the 9th single from Vivid BAD SQUAD, a group from the game Project Sekai Colorful Stage! featuring Hatsune Miku. The CD will come out on October 2, 2024 in Japan.

Track List

  1. Beyond the way
  2. blender
  3. Beyond the way (no vocals)
  4. blender (no vocals)

Song Details

Beyond the way

This song is about going after your dreams. The lyrics talk about moving past what others have done before and finding your own path. It’s meant to pump up listeners and get them excited.


This song looks at how past experiences can make you stronger. It’s about using what you’ve been through to take on big challenges and do even better than those who came before you. The song tries to connect the group’s history to where they want to go next.

Album Art

The cover of the CD has a special drawing by an artist named Kaoruko. This adds a unique touch to the release.

Extra Notes

  • The original name of the game this group is from is very long. It’s called “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku” in English.
  • This music falls under the anime soundtrack genre.
  • The CD is made for the Japanese market.

Why This Release Matters

This single shows how Vivid BAD SQUAD keeps making new music for their fans. The songs seem to be about moving forward and growing stronger, which fits with it being their 9th release. Fans of the game and the group will probably be excited to hear these new tracks.

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