Metal Magazine Feature: Babymetal, Carcass, Hanabie in Early 2024

Babymetal! Carcass! Hanabie! Metal Graph For The First Half Of 2024


The latest issue of “Headbang Spinoff” delves into the metal scene of early 2024, spotlighting three notable bands: BABYMETAL, Hanabie, and CARCASS. Filled with striking photos and exclusive articles, this magazine offers an insightful look into their recent activities.


BABYMETAL headlines with their performance at “FOX_FEST” and the buzz around their collaboration track “RATATATA” with ELECTRIC CALLBOY. The music video for “RATATATA” has garnered over 8 million views in just two weeks, attracting attention globally. The issue covers the details of “FOX_FEST” and includes interviews with BABYMETAL and ELECTRIC CALLBOY about the creation of “RATATATA”.


Hanabie is making waves across major metal festivals in Europe, captivating audiences with their energetic shows. The magazine presents a lengthy interview with Yukina (vocals) and Matsuri (guitar, vocals), providing readers with a thorough understanding of their journey and experiences on tour.


CARCASS wraps up a successful tour in Japan, featuring interviews with all band members. Additionally, the magazine offers a detailed report from CARCASS enthusiast Okite Porsche, shedding light on the band’s influence and dedicated fan base.

“Headbang Spinoff” delivers detailed insights and exclusive content, offering metal fans a comprehensive view into the worlds of BABYMETAL, Hanabie, and CARCASS in the first half of 2024.

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