An Official D&D Cookbook (Japanese Edition)

On Sale An Official D&D Cookbook (Japanese Edition)

An Official D&D Cookbook (Japanese Edition)

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Detailed Information

Publisher: Born Digital
Version: Japan
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
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Item Description

Explore the diverse cuisines of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse with over 75 new recipes from the New York Times bestselling authors of Heroes’ Feast. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or hosting a gathering, this cookbook offers a variety of dishes inspired by different regions and settings across the Forgotten Realms and beyond.


  • Total Recipes: 76 delectable dishes
  • Inspired by D&D: Recipes based on the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse
  • Developed by Experts: Created by a professional chef from one of the country’s top test kitchens
  • Ease of Preparation: Recipes are easy to prepare with ingredients readily available
  • Organized by Location: Dishes are grouped by their in-game locations
  • Perfect for Game Nights: Ideal for sharing and entertaining, especially during game nights

Example Recipes

  • Elven Bread: A light and fluffy bread perfect for breakfast or as a side dish.
  • Dwarven Stew: A hearty and filling stew that embodies the robust flavors of Dwarven cuisine.
  • Orcish Roast: A savory and spiced roast that brings out the boldness of Orcish cooking.
  • Halfling Pies: Sweet and delicious pies inspired by Halfling traditions.
  • Mage’s Potions: Refreshing and magical beverages for any adventurer.


Q: What language is the cookbook in?
A: The cookbook is in Japanese.

Q: How many recipes are included in the cookbook?
A: The cookbook contains 76 recipes.

Q: Are the recipes difficult to prepare?
A: The recipes are designed to be easy to prepare with ingredients that are readily available.

Q: Are the recipes organized in any particular way?
A: Yes, the recipes are organized by in-game locations from the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse.

Q: Who developed the recipes in the cookbook?
A: The recipes were developed by a professional chef from one of the country’s top test kitchens.

Q: Is this cookbook suitable for game nights?
A: Absolutely, the recipes are perfect for sharing and entertaining during game nights.

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