Akiba Maid War Original Soundtrack (Vinyl) (Tontokoton All Staff)

Get Akiba Maid War Original Soundtrack (Vinyl) (Tontokoton All Staff)

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Akiba Maid War Original Soundtrack (Vinyl) (Tontokoton All Staff)

Akiba Maid War Original Soundtrack (Vinyl) (Tontokoton All Staff)

Overview of the Vinyl

Get ready for the original soundtrack of “Akiba Maid War,” a popular anime that aired in winter 2022. Produced by Cygames and P.A.WORKS, this vinyl release brings the anime’s unique blend of cute and violent themes to life through its music.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. メイドブギウギ (Maid Boogie Woogie)
  2. ハムダダダダッシュ! (Ham Dadadadash!)
  3. ピッギーピッグ (Piggy Pig)
  4. ドットンバットン (Dot’n’Button)
  5. 不確かな均衡 (Uncertain Equilibrium)
  6. 豚の企み (Pig’s Scheme)
  7. アダル豚 (Adult Pig)
  8. 調教豚野郎 (Trained Pig Fellow)
  9. メイドに贈る鎮魂歌 (Requiem for the Maid)
  10. 涙の引導 (Guidance of Tears)
  11. 黄昏の御徒町 (Twilight Okachimachi)

Side B

  1. 巨豚の一番星 (First Star of the Giant Pig)
  2. クラクラクライマックス (Dizzy Climax)
  3. カチコミは突然に (Sudden Click)
  4. 豚撃の狼煙 (Signal Fire of Pig Attack)
  5. 豚もおだてりゃ昇り竜 (Flattery Makes Even Pigs Ascend Like Dragons)
  6. チャーシュー気分 (Chashu Mood)
  7. 闘豚乱舞(トウトンランブ) (Battle Pig Dance)
  8. 愛は美しく散る (Love Scatters Beautifully)
  9. 悲しきフリュフリュ (Sad Frufru)
  10. エピローブー (Epilogue)
  11. 愛、それはラブー (Love Is That Love)


Step into the world of “Akiba Maid War,” set in 1999 Akihabara, where the Tontokoton staff bring to life a story blending firearms, blades, and elements of yakuza films. This controversial anime has garnered attention for its unique mix of “moe” cuteness and intense action.

The soundtrack, selected by the production team, captures the essence of the era when both CDs and records thrived. This vinyl release not only preserves the music but also the nostalgic atmosphere of 1999, complementing the original song collection CD included with the visual software.

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