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Gozo Shiozaki, a notable figure in the Japanese gaming industry, has announced the release of his book titled “198X’s Famicom Rhapsody” on August 31st. Shiozaki, a former deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine “Login” and former editor of “Famicom Tsūshin,” is also known for producing the original version of “Hokkaido Serial Murders: Disappear in Okhotsk.”

“198X’s Famicom Rhapsody” serves as a memoir from Gozo Shiozaki, who played a significant role in the early days of Japanese gaming media. The book offers an in-depth look at the history and cultural impact of the Famicom (known internationally as the Nintendo Entertainment System) from the winter of 1981 onward. Shiozaki aims to document his personal experiences and the broader historical context to ensure that the memories of that influential era do not fade away.

For fans of retro gaming and Japanese gaming history, “198X’s Famicom Rhapsody” is a must-read, providing unique insights and reflections from someone who was at the heart of the Famicom’s rise to prominence.

Key Features

  • Author: Gozo Shiozaki
  • Publisher: SB Creative
  • Release Date: August 31st
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

This book is a treasure trove of information for enthusiasts of the Famicom era, packed with interviews, game reviews, and detailed analyses of how the Famicom shaped the gaming landscape of the 1980s. Shiozaki’s firsthand account offers a nostalgic yet informative perspective on a pivotal time in gaming history.

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