1983 Romantic Comedy Youth – Shonen Sunday

1983 Romantic Comedy Youth - Shonen Sunday


1983 Romantic Comedy Youth – Shonen Sunday

Shogakukan Production Version: Japan

Product Languages

Language: Japanese


Get ready to revisit the classic romantic comedy from 1983, “Shonen Sunday”! This special edition book, released in 2024 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Sunday, brings back the beloved “Love Comedy Seishun” series for all the fans who enjoyed it back in the day.

Inside, you’ll find a collection of the original serialized manga from 1983, along with exclusive interviews with the authors. It’s a nostalgic trip for longtime readers and a fun discovery for new fans.

Why You’ll Love This Book

Classic Manga Series

Dive into the romantic comedy stories that captured hearts in 1983. Whether you were a fan back then or just discovering it now, these stories are timeless and entertaining.

Exclusive Interviews

Read special interviews with the authors, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how these beloved stories were created.

Perfect for Collectors

This commemorative book is a must-have for any manga collector, especially those who love Shonen Sunday. Celebrate the 65th anniversary with this nostalgic revival.

Get Your Copy

Don’t miss out on this special edition book! It’s a great way to relive the memories or start a new adventure with classic romantic comedies. Available now in Japanese.

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